In the year 3535, somehow mankind is still alive. Untold civilisations have come and gone, it's almost impossible to recognise the earth we once knew, and the creatures living on it.

    Well, the cows are still there. The aliens always had a thing for the cows. They were probably working together all along.

    The Ascension (3K)

    The aliens have arrived.Have they come to take us away?
    Do they come in peace, or will they leave us in pieces?
    It finally is The End.

    Space Disco
    Bleep Bloop Blurp

    Saturday 17 Feb 2024
    Limehouse town hall E14 7HA

    8pm till 4am

    Bushy Squirrel



    An end-times gathering. (Part of season 2 of our events) Fancy dress is encouraged, but not compulsory.Imagine a large house party full of interesting people, where slightly unusual things have a habit of happening.Party Utility events are collaboratively run events created by artists. They are fun, inclusive, and safe - with predominantly female security.Proceeds from the events go towards keeping the Limehouse Town Hall open and supporting more interesting things.

    Dance like there is no tomorrow

    It's time to go. Time to say goodbye to mother earth and head for the stars. We can start again. The aliens have come to save us all.Or have they.... ?
    Maybe they just say they "come in peace"?
    The music is going to take you on a journey close to madness. The world is ending, throw your cares to the wind and let yourself free.

    (Themed dress is encouraged, but optional)

    The Apocalypse Season

    21 March 2023 - 20 March 2024

    Facing down the end of the world always brings people together.

    • 17 June 2023 - Past - Apocalypse 999AD

    • 23 Sept 2023 - Present - Emergency

    • Feb 2024 - Future - Alien Ascension

    The Disco Apocalypse

    We live in interesting times. The world seems to be falling apart all around us. The end is nigh!But every end is also a beginning. Accepting the end can be the very thing that brings us new life.Party Utility season 1 sought to create a stable foundation and to keep the doors of the Limehouse Town Hall open. In season 2 we go further, seeking to build stronger connections and find a way to create a community.In these dark times, we can hide, afraid in our homes, trying to survive, to scrape together the pennies in fear. Or maybe, we can face down the pain, let go of our desire for comfort and create something new.Well, we're not going to save the world by throwing a few parties, but, we might be able to make it a bit better for some.Come get involved. Become more than a consumer, take part. Lets make something new.

    Apocalypse 999ad

    Emergency 2000

    Ascension 3K

    Surviving the crisis

    Party to stay alive.In 2022 the Limehouse Town Hall was in financial trouble. After shutting the doors in the Covid Years (tm) the building was struggling, the rising energy costs were the first problem. So, we started to host some events to pay the bills.We became the Party Utility out of necessity, and created a season of utility themed events.




    It’s going to be interesting

    Party Utility events at the Limehouse Town Hall don’t fit the conventional mould. Expect an eclectic mix of people and music.The Limehouse Town Hall is a rare non-corporate space that connects people from so many different walks of life, and it will show.Every Party Utility event works to a theme. We craft the experience, turn it into a "Happening", and make it something bigger than your normal night out.We invite you to dive deeper and join in. Dress yourself with the theme, bring a prop, wear a mask and let yourself go. Come with your friends and make new ones.

    The Party Utility

    The Party Utility is a collective, based at the Limehouse Town Hall. We create and host events that go beyond what you’ve come to expect.We’re looking for collaborators, co-creators and ambassadors to generate more energy and optimising in these interesting times. Join our facebook group if you’re interested in participating.Follow us to keep in up to date with future events. Contact us to find out about holding your own events with us.

    The Limehouse Town Hall

    The Limehouse Town Hall is a nexus in the network. A place for community, learning, dreaming and dancing. In these strange days, the Hall is one of the last spaces that be all these things.

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